Religion as Tradition

26 Aug

Discover Magazine has posted a blog called “Why Science Can’t Replace Religion“.

It’s a foray into a common topic in the atheist world: is it really practical to abolish religion altogether?

Taken at face value, it is difficult for me to reach any conclusion aside from “no”. Aside from theories that religion has its origins in evolution, it is undeniably a salve for the weakness inherent to the human mind. If it disappeared, it seems likely that something equally irrational would take its place.

For my part, I seek to eliminate religious, spiritual and mystical impact on government, law and social morality. I feel this is still an impossible goal, but at least a more appropriate one, and one that could be more fully accomplished.

Anyway – check out the article. It’s a short read.

P.S. Again, my apologies for my relative silence. I am wading through an exceptionally busy period at my job. Once that clears up, I should be posting more often.

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